Why Accelerateborder

Charities are facing big challenges in an environment of reduced government funding and growing donor disillusion. Small charities have an even harder challenge in transforming their corners of the world while competing with their larger peers for visibility. Limited resources, skills and connections hinder their growth and stability.


The Accelerator model has been wildly successful in the for-profit sector, enabling hundreds of thousands of startups to grow in a sustainable way. At Rainmaker Foundation we believe that if small charities with big potential have access to the same vital tools, frameworks and resources available to commercial startups: they will thrive.

Having a Rainmaker charity mentor has been one of the most valuable parts of being part of the accelerator programme. It has been a privilege and I’ve learned so much through the experience

Natasha Banke – Director,
Hull Children’s University

What we are looking forborder

30 organisations a year that want to accelerate and improve what they do and how they do it


Purpose Driven

We accept non-registered charities but you must be a purpose-led organisation.


Big Potential

Organisations that want to amplify their impact and expand their reach.



Organisations providing solutions that challenge current thinking for solving existing issues.


Strong Values

Organisations that act with transparency, passion and determination.


Small or Starting Out

A turnover of less than £2 million.


Tipping Point

Organisations entering a crossroads in their growth that need support reaching the next stage.

*We have no restrictions on reapplying.

How could the Rainmaker Accelerator work for your organisationborder

Our programme seeks to bring disruptive innovation from the technology sector and apply entrepreneurial thinking to non-profit organisations that want to scale.

This is not about helping you to fundraise more. This is about learning new things and expanding the tools and resources available to your organisation to help you do what you do more effectively.

Over the course of our programme we’ll be helping you to:

  • Bring your organisational values to the forefront of what you do

  • Explore new models to enhance your financial sustainability

  • Shake-up how you operate to source cost-effective solutions for how you run your organisation

  • Use digital technology to track your impact and engage with your stakeholders

  • Build your network of supporters and champions to accelerate your growth

It will consist of a combination of workshops, masterclasses, mentoring, digital tech training, hackathons and networking sessions, delivered by our Rainmakers, partners and staff.

What do we expect from youborder

A willingness to dive into the process, and openness to organisational change

A collaborative approach to working with your accelerator peer group and the Rainmaker network

Multi-tiered organisational buy-in and support for the programme (particularly at Executive/Board level)

Consistent participation of at least one staff member that can integrate learning from the programme into your organisation

Delivery of Key Performance Indicators identified at the beginning of the programme

Mentors & Faculty

Our Journeyborder

  • innovation

    Weeks 1 – 4 : INDUCTION

    Introduction to the Rainmaker Foundation community and fellow entrepreneurs, kicked off with an innovation day

  • become-rainmaker


    Clarify your purpose, architect your culture, define your leadership lens and map out your stakeholders

  • story

    Weeks 9 – 12 : TELL YOUR STORY

    Develop a brand story and identity that speaks to your target audience

  • hood

    Weeks 13 – 16 : LOOKING UNDER THE HOOD

    Review internal financial systems and procedures and assess organisations financial sustainability

  • impact

    Weeks 17 – 20 : AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT

    Review progress and identify key growth areas to target. 30-day online fundraising challenge

  • upword

    Weeks 21 – 24 : ONWARDS & UPWARDS

    Graduation month: finalise your pitch for investment and generate interest leads


Spark Inside and Rainmaker Rob Noble

Spark Inside is pioneering the use of professional coaching for 15-25 year olds in prison, on transition ‘through the gates’ and in the community, to reduce re-offending.

Our mentors knowledge, patience and expertise in guiding us through a challenging period of growth was vital in helping us become a stronger, more purposeful organisation

Mark Bixter, Managing Director, Spark Inside