Changing how we fund vital projects in the charity sector: live crowdfunding
January 10, 2017 Jess

Changing how we fund vital projects in the charity sector: live crowdfunding

Jan 10

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Charities are facing big challenges in an environment of reduced government funding and growing donor disillusion. Small charities have an even harder challenge in transforming their corners of the world while competing with their larger peers for visibility. Limited resources, skills and connections hinder their growth and stability.

One of the ways to provide donors with much needed transparency and elevate our small charities is to use live crowdfunding as part of our accelerator programme. On the 30th of January we will hold our first ever crowdfunding event in partnership with The Funding Network for our 2016 cohort. We asked Rainmaker Patricia Hamhazee to reveal what we can expect:

“My first crowdfunding experience was two years ago with TFN’s Youth Funding Network. I went to an event as a supporter of Year Here, a remarkable incubator for young graduates seeking solutions to society’s problems. The experience of hearing the charities pitch, questioning their models and then pledging financial support was entertaining, purposeful, informative and immensely rewarding.

I am so delighted that the Rainmaker team finally be working together with the The Funding Network (TFN). Both dedicated to transforming lives by supporting visionary social change entrepreneurs and by harnessing the talent, financial support, expertise and enthusiasm of everyday philanthropists.

Over the past four years, I have seen the generosity of the Rainmaker community in action, delivering financial and professional support for the chosen charities. I look forward to seeing as many Rainmakers as possible cheer on the 2016 graduating class to turn their dreams into reality.”

What makes the introduction of live crowdfunding special?

  1. It’s about connecting with people. The response to a pitch is immediate, as the audience expresses its support through pledges on the night. An organisation’s appeal is immediately recognised by the pledges received.
  2. It raises awareness. The audience hears the organisations’ stories and become natural champions. I certainly left the TFN event for Year Here a vocal ambassador for the various projects being promoted and remain an active supporter to this day.
  3. It delivers much needed funding. There is no better incentive for a budding social change agent than to gain the financial endorsement of a discerning audience.

Get your ticket to our event on the 30th here kindly supported by the London Stock Exchange Group.