#CharityAccelerator 2017: Anti-Slavery International
July 31, 2017 rosalyn
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#CharityAccelerator 2017: Anti-Slavery International

Jul 31

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Today’s fight for tomorrow’s freedom

Founded in 1839, Anti-Slavery International is the oldest international human rights organisation in the world, challenging all forms of modern slavery that’s still inflicted on tens of millions of people.

Anti-Slavery International believe that a world free from slavery will come about when ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ activity coincides. That is why it works at all stages of the process: helping people in slavery and their communities become empowered to assert and claim their rights; encouraging those who benefit from slavery to adopt new social norms; and using their experience to guide governments and businesses to develop legal and policy frameworks that protect people from contemporary slavery and provide victim protection.

Ryna Sherazi, head of fundraising and communications at Anti-Slavery International sees the Rainmaker Foundation’s Charity Accelerator programme as hugely beneficial for them. “We foresee a measurable shift that takes Anti-Slavery to double its size in 5 years … this will entail a better understanding of market intelligence and how it relates to Anti-Slavery’s ambitions, the right stories, data, marketing products and brand positioning, and the right resources in place.”

Current Anti-Slavery International projects include: working to end forced child begging in Senegal; protecting child domestic workers from exploitation in Tanzania; working to end debt bondage in the brick kilns in India; campaigning to protect victims of slavery in the UK; working with business to end slavery in supply chains, to name just a few. In the 2015/2016 financial year they reached 96,538 people across their projects.