#CharityAccelerator 2017: JustTranscription
July 31, 2017 rosalyn
just transcription

#CharityAccelerator 2017: JustTranscription

Jul 31

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Just:Transcription is a social enterprise committed to harnessing the power of new technology to increase access to justice. Our goals are not just to create a sustainable business and a great customer experience, but also to cultivate deep social change for everyone’s benefit.

Just: emerged in response to work under taken by two of the co-founders, Sophie and Rachael, at one of our 2016 cohort charities, the Centre for Criminal Appeals – who represent individuals in prison as a result of miscarriages of justice. Transcripts are a key document, as they offer an important, and often the only, record of what happened in court. Access to transcripts is more expensive, complex and dissatisfying than it should be. Compared to the US, Canada and Australia, the UK has a much less efficient service.

Director, Rachel Mpashi-Marx, identifies success very clearly as a result of participating in the Rainmaker Foundation’s Charity Accelerator programme. “We have a good, achievable idea, which has the potential to make a valuable and significant contribution to access to justice, and be a viable, thriving business. What the Rainmaker Accelerator programme offers, and what we would hope to achieve through it, is a structured and supportive framework to work through transforming the idea into an investor-ready entity, and the opportunity to prepare our team to take the business to the next stage.”

While the heart of what we are doing remains the challenge of making court transcripts accessible to everyone, the problem we have identified has much greater scope than that. There is a powerful movement underway to move more of the justice system online. Just: has a role both as a solutions developer, and as an advocate and advisor in relation to system design, use of technology, open data, and access to justice.