#CharityAccelerator 2017: Multi-Story Orchestra
July 31, 2017 rosalyn
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#CharityAccelerator 2017: Multi-Story Orchestra

Jul 31

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Multi-Story Orchestra is working to break down the barriers associated with classical music, creating an alternative culture around the art form for future generations and fostering a new and flexible approach amongst orchestral musicians.

Their work stems from the belief that classical music has a huge amount to offer people from all backgrounds, but that its broader appeal has been limited by context not content. Unlike other orchestras, they reach their target audience by creating their own performance environments. From car parks to schools and festivals, they create amazing live classical music experiences performed by incredible musicians. Their unique approach is to re-contextualise high-quality classical music rather than changing the music itself. This has achieved exceptional results in attracting new audiences, who experience live virtuosic  orchestral music for the first time at the absolute highest level.

Laura Sheldon, producer, sees clear success from engaging in the Rainmaker Foundation’s Charity Accelerator. “Success for Multi-Story will mean establishing new and unconventional partnerships as we begin to pilot our hubs around the UK. By making connections with a wide range of organisations and applying methods of working from outside the sector we will establish our unique voice, enabling us to expand our reach and develop new audiences and supporters. We are aware that our current financial model is not sustainable and would welcome the opportunity to establish new models by applying learning from outside our sector. We will gather the resources and networks that will enable us to expand sustainably and to build our brand in a way that ensures we engage non-arts audiences and partners in innovative ways and with maximum impact.”

Multi-Story Orchestra runs Choir Projects, commissioning pieces tailored to our participants, meaning anyone can take part. They run regular rehearsals for whole school classes and local community groups, with no pre-selection. All participants then assemble to perform with our Orchestra. Attracting sell-out audiences, The Multi-Story Orchestra shares extraordinary live orchestral music with as many people as possible.