#CharityAccelerator 2017: Think Equal
July 31, 2017 rosalyn
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#CharityAccelerator 2017: Think Equal

Jul 31

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Think Equal works towards a world in which children of all genders, ethnicities, religions and other backgrounds have optimal opportunities to develop their full potential, have their views respected, respect one another, live free of discrimination and violence, become youth leaders,and active participants of a free and equal world.

A discriminatory mind-set is the root cause of pervasive violations of human rights across our world. Violence and anti-social behaviours cut across all boundaries. Nearly all of us are affected by some form of prejudice. The consequences of inequality are staggering and long-lasting not only for individuals but also for families, communities and the country at large. The problem is that the education system has not been reformed or developed responsively to what the world has become. Neuroscientists are clear that the window for optimal behavioural and altitudinal changes in young people, the time at which education is most formative, is between 3 and 5.

Founder and CEO, Leslee Udwin has a very clear vision about how Think Equal will be empowered to excel after engaging in the Rainmaker Foundation’s Charity Accelerator. “We believe the Accelerator Programme can support us in developing strong systems, strategies and processes to improve our organisational effectiveness and impact. As a small team, we are aware that we don’t have expertise in all the areas we need. The Accelerator Programme can provide us with this additional knowledge and experience, giving us advice, generated ideas, inspiration, debate and a fresh pair of eyes on our work. It would be invaluable to have access to a range of mentors providing different perspectives and honest thoughts in a supportive but challenging way,
helping us to become the best we can be. We need the support of independent advisors to help identify our strengths and weaknesses and provide practical or technological solutions when needed as well as networking opportunities.”

Think Equal’s purpose is to add social and emotional learning as a compulsory component of education curricula around the world, starting from the first day of every child’s formal education, when their personality and moral frame work is still developing. ThinkEqual has constructed an equality  studies curriculum that is being monitored by the Yale Centre of Emotional Intelligence to measure the behaviour change results over a 10 year period. To date, they have 56 schools across 15 countries committed to piloting the global Early Years curriculum, starting with 3 year olds, in January 2017.