Making Ideas Happen
November 15, 2017 rosalyn

Making Ideas Happen

Nov 15

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The #CharityAccelerator programme is curriculum-based with mentor-support, but a very important aspect of the learning is also in the social events.

Making Ideas Happen was an interactive event which highlighted a significant step of the programme to celebrate the beginning of an incredible 90-day journey of collaborations, learnings and breakthroughs.

Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event creative session Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event social Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event ideas solutions

We teamed up with OuiShare, a global network whose mission is to nurture collaborative societies by connecting people, organisations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust.

The event was generously hosted by Rathbones, and together with OuiShare we created a space where our charities, rainmakers, mentors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists could cultivate meaningful connections and collaborations – a vital ingredient to the success of our journey.

Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event networking Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator mentor event

Our charities presented an issue or problem and the remaining participants helped to unpack the challenges, identify creative solutions, as well as provide alternative perspectives and approaches. With lots of collaboration and creative energy, the night also highlighted some lessons learned for all participants, including us as facilitators (!), as well as some positive action points for each charity of the cohort. One charity, Foundation for Change, came away with 19 streamlined actions!

Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event with CarefreeBreaks Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event ideas Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator event talks

A great achievement of the event was not just the networking and connections which each charity made with the mentors and entrepreneurs. They also came away with new insights, and some asking themselves some tough questions.

Laura Sheldon, Founder of The Multi-Story Orchestra, reported an important take-away, “This makes us continue to consider our business model and how can we change it to be more sustainable.”

Ryna Sherazi from Anti-Slavery International received many actions for the reworking of their product, “I found that this is a great process for building rigour into our key question for acceleration. Hence the feedback to have this right at the beginning of the accelerator next year.”

For the mentors and entrepreneurs, there was an increased awareness of the collective power of the ecosystem, and how their involvement could encourage the charities to strategically engage with new connections. Many reported that they found the format to be highly engaging and would have liked even more time to delve even deeper to some of the more ambitious problems. But most importantly, new mentors got a stronger sense of the prevailing challenges common to all cohort members, as well as the values needed in order to mentor a small organisation working towards large-scale impact.

Invaluable insights were also provided for facilitation which will make future events even more successful for the programme, charities and ecosystem partners.

Our CEO, Cosmina Popa, was delighted with the feedback and creative collaboration, “This event was in itself an experiment and innovation. I was happy to see it come together successfully and amazed at how much value was created in just a few hours.”

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