Professionally Ethical
February 17, 2017 Ruty

Professionally Ethical

Feb 17

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First published in The Fintech Times, #10, February 2017

There are plenty of accelerators around almost in every business sector you can think of. However, discovering the one for charities was quite a surprise for me. But it makes perfect sense – while technological innovation and new disruptive business models are changing the way we make money, they can also change the way we give, and the way we engage with the third sector. The Rainmaker Foundation is a community with a mission to innovate the charity sector by bringing the same resources and tools available to commercial organisations to not-for-profits. The community of Rainmakers come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring their experience, talent and connections to the charity accelerator programme contributing to providing the opportunity to everyone who wants to make a positive impact to have the tools, resources and connections to do so effectively.

I spoke to Cosmina Popa, their CEO, to understand better what can and what needs to be changed in the way charities function.

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