Rainmaker Foundation launches its 2017 #CharityAccelerator!
August 4, 2017 rosalyn

Rainmaker Foundation launches its 2017 #CharityAccelerator!

Aug 4

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London, July 2017 – In the UK, nine of of 10 people have benefited from work of a charity, but one in five small charities believe they will collapse in the coming year.

This year, the Rainmaker Foundation is launching an innovative model to accelerate charitable impact and scale up small charities with big potential.

We are now proud to announce the 10 finalists of our Charity Accelerator programme 2017!
Anti-Slavery International: The oldest international human rights organisation in the world founded in 1839, challenging all forms of modern slavery that’s still inflicted on tens of millions of people.
CarefreebreaksA non-profit social enterprise that enables unpaid carers to take short breaks in accommodation donated free-of-charge by owners.
Foundation for Change: Tackling social exclusion and enabling people who have experienced significant difficulties with drugs or alcohol to participate in society.
InvincibleMe: A mental health charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the most vulnerable children in our society.
Just:Transcription: A social enterprise committed to harnessing the power of new technology to increase access to justice, and to cultivate deep social change.
Karma Nirvana: A British human rights charity supporting victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage.
MAC-UK: Working to transform mental health service delivery for excluded young people who offend or are at risk of offending to effect positive change.
Multi-Story Orchestra: Breaking down the barriers associated with classical music, creating an alternative culture around the art form for future generations.
Peace Direct: An international charity that works with local people to stop violence and build sustainable peace in some of the world’s most fragile conflict affected areas.
Think Equal: Working towards a world in which children of all genders,ethnicities,religions and other backgrounds have optimal opportunities to develop their full potential, free of discrimination and violence.

CEO, Cosmina Popa explains, “When looking to select this year’s cohort, we decided to cast a wide net. Our community is passionate about solving a range of social and environmental problems, so we knew we needed to be cause-agnostic. In addition to being purpose-driven, we selected organisations that we felt would be open to this deeply transformative process.”

During our Rainmaker Foundation Charity Accelerator programme these 10 organisations will receive best in class tools, resources and connections from the commercial, private and tech sectors. Through catalysing a supportive startup-style ecosystem, we will deliver by engaging our community of 100+ experts, business leaders, serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Charles Ricketts, founder of Carefree Breaks, passionately looks forward to their future success through engaging in the Charity Accelerator programme. “Rainmaker Foundation is about challenging business models, about disruptive technologies, about applying entrepreneurial thinking to non-profit organisations wanting –needing- to scale. So success resulting from the Accelerator programme means that we have been challenged, that we have if appropriate refined our proposition, and that we are better equipped to secure (or better still, have secured) funding.”

In 2016, the Rainmaker Foundation’s charity cohort collectively reached 21,500+ beneficiaries around the world. Now, with our revamped programme for 2017, the next cohort will be covering everything from: articulating purpose, marketing & comms, architecting high performing cultures, fundraising, organisational efficiency, integrating tech & discovering new business models, to future-proof their sustainability and build a foundation for growth.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with our 2017 cohort partners! Let’s plunge into disruptive tech and deliver more social good!

Notes to editors: As technology continues to play a growing role in disrupting traditional industries and shaping the future market economies, charities have to find ways to adapt to new realities in our changing world. They must learn to use these shifts not just to retain their relevance, but to thrive. The Rainmaker Foundation exist to build a bridge between small charities with big potential and the most brilliant and generous business minds with a strong focus on innovation.

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