Spark Inside and Rainmaker Rob Noble
November 5, 2016 rainmakers

Spark Inside and Rainmaker Rob Noble

Nov 5

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Spark Inside is pioneering the use of professional coaching for 15-25 year olds in prison, on transition ‘through the gates’ and in the community, to reduce re-offending. The charity believes every young person entering prison deserves an opportunity to turn their life around and support to fulfil their potential. Their vision is a criminal justice system which prioritises rehabilitation; a system through which no young person passes more than once.

The organisation had gone through a period of rapid growth over the past year and the increase in the size of their team required them to change the way they operated internally, bringing with it new challenges around communication, departmental meetings and monitoring.

We matched Rainmaker Rob Noble to work with the charity. He joined our community last year explaining: “Rainmakers has given me an opportunity to engage with and hopefully help a specific and smaller charity with real focus.” He works as non-exec chairman, advisor and mentor for businesses including turnarounds, not-for-profits, and private equity. Over the last 10 years, he has been directly involved in fundraising over £200 million and exits worth over £150 million.

Why did he choose to work together with Spark Inside initially? He explained: “Spark Inside makes a tangible difference to the lives of young individuals who are sent to prison, by reducing the likelihood of them returning. I wish this work was more widely recognised and, importantly, the public realised that positive changes in society can happen from activity at a grass-roots level rather than just relying on familiar charities that look like global corporations.” Rob spent time with each member of staff and the senior membership team to get an understanding of the challenges they faced through the period of change and to get a clear picture of what was required organisationally.

Mark Bixter, MD of Spark Inside explained that the most valuable aspect for them was having an external eye to come in and take an objective view on how things were being run. He said: “It was helpful for the Senior Management Team to understand what was being done well and also to identify areas of what could be improved and how. We’ve restructured all of our meetings and we are currently going through a process of re-establishing organisational priorities and connecting all staff back into our vision and mission.”

After the project, Rob explained he used the skills and experience he’d gained over the years not for commercial gain but for the benefit of others less fortunate, explaining: “It was both gratifying and a privilege.” Mark described working with Rob as a pleasure, saying “His knowledge, patience and expertise in guiding us through a challenging period of growth was vital in helping us become a stronger, more purposeful organisation.”