Spotlight on Peace Direct for World Humanitarian Day
August 22, 2017 rosalyn
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Spotlight on Peace Direct for World Humanitarian Day

Aug 22

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Every year thousands of humanitarian aid workers risk their lives to improve those of others in war torn countries. According to the Aid Worker Security Report 2017, there were 158 major attacks against aid operations last year, in which 101 aid workers were killed, 98 wounded and 89 kidnapped.

This World Humanitarian Day, we’re spotlighting one of our special #CharityAccelerator partners, Peace Direct. An international charity that works with local people to stop violence, Peace Direct helps to build sustainable peace, in some of the world’s most fragile conflict affected areas. 

Peace Direct believe passionately in non-violence and the power of local action. Led by local people, they tackle the causes of violence at the root, and rebuild lives after war has torn communities apart. They support 12 local organisations on the front line of conflict in 11 countries around the world. This are just a few success stories from the people they’ve helped.

Humanitarian Peace Direct charity accelerator nigeria
In northern Nigeria, one local organisation working with Peace Direct has found an innovative way to support those who are suffering at the hands of militant group Boko Haram. Using boxing as a tool to build peace.

Here, boxers Auwal Yahuza, 20 (white top) and Nura Mohammed, 22, train at the Kano Amateur Boxing Association in Kano. The association was set up to support those leaving Boko Haram, or other criminal gangs.



Humanitarian Peace Direct charity accelerator DRC

Ida, aged 33, was displaced during an outbreak of war in DR Congo. She walked for miles from her village of Bunia to a new village called Erengheti. At first urgent aid and shelter kept her alive. But once this ended Ida was desperate.

Peace Direct works with a local organisation in DRC, the Centre Resolution Conflits. They found Ida just in time. A $60 micro loan helped her buy a goat and set herself up selling local produce like cassava.

Now Ida has three goats, owns some land and is even working towards building herself a house.

Humanitarian Peace Direct charity accelerator Pakistan

Young boys in Pakistan here listen to a community talk on the importance of the role of men in stopping violence against women, advocating for human rights and building a peaceful society.

In Pakistan, violent extremism which has taken more than 50,000 lives in Pakistan in attacks in the last decade.

Preventing deaths by stopping conflict before it starts and ending recruitment into militant groups saves many more lives.

The work of Peace Direct and its local partner organisations is remarkably effective. Yet sadly, it’s massively underfunded because there is lack of awareness that local people on the frontline can and are in fact working to stop violent conflict. Local efforts are so under-resourced despite holding great potential to achieve lasting change.

Head of Individual Giving, Ruth Tidy, is looking forward to the upcoming challenges from the Rainmaker Foundation’s Charity Accelerator. “Engagement with new groups and increased visibility, reach and messaging to the general public would lead to increased advocacy for our work worldwide.”

(Photo credits and full story at Peace Direct’s World Humanitarian Day page)