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    Leading Change: Peacebuilding starts within


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    Pete Yeo has been a Rainmaker since the inception of the Rainmaker Foundation. He has always been an environmentalist with a strong connection to the natural world and his philanthropic journey led him to start supporting Peace Direct, an international NGO assisting local people in some of the most challenging…

  • Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna Born Free movie

    Leading Change: Freedom as the birthright of all living beings


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    Almost everyone knows the iconic book and film, Born Free (1966), based on the true story of wildlife warden, George Adamson, and his wife Joy’s successful struggle to return an orphan lion cub, Elsa, to the wilds of Kenya. What might be less well-known is that as a result of…

  • world humanitarian day peace direct rainmaker foundation

    Spotlight on Peace Direct for World Humanitarian Day


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    Every year thousands of humanitarian aid workers risk their lives to improve those of others in war torn countries. According to the Aid Worker Security Report 2017, there were 158 major attacks against aid operations last year, in which 101 aid workers were killed, 98 wounded and 89 kidnapped. This World…