What You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Toilets

The best time to be eco-friendly and start caring about the environment is right now, and you should start doing everything you can start from now. This counts for everybody regardless of the level of income, area of living and political views, our planet is in danger and we have to do everything to not do more damage than we have already done.

One of the best and fastest ways you can start helping the planet is by starting saving water. Statistically speaking, and to be honest, we do not need any stats here, we spend the most water in our bathroom, and the most water is spent on toilets. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep things in check at least with the toilets. Without further ado, let's take a close look at them.

Older toilets, and not just older ones, the ones we commonly use today, use at least 6 gallons of water in each flush, while this might not seem like a lot, in the long run, it is a lot, if you use a toilet five times per day and if just four people are in the household, it means that 120 gallons of water are spent every single day just for the toilet. However, there is an alternative choice, low-flush toilets.

Low-flow toilets use about 1.6-gallons of water per flush and this results in just 32 gallons of water used for the same household.

There are also dual-flush toilets, which take the same technology to its limits. These toilets have two levers or buttons for flushing. For example with one button, you make a full flush with 1.6-gallons of water, but with the other, you just flush with half of that water 0.8-gallons. Meaning that you can choose to use the full tank or just half of it depending on your needs.

There is also an interesting program by EPA, the WaterSense program which works like the EnergyStar program. This means that products like toilets or showerheads branded with WaterSense are water efficient.

You can even try interesting technologies and solutions like toilet tanks that are connected to a sink and faucet so you can use the same water twice. The whole thing made extremely simple recycling and using the same things without wasting is the best way to conserve. There are also composting or waterless toilets, but they are more for the countryside, but there are ideas and solutions, you should only take a step. Continue reading